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Update to zoho.writer.signDocument() – Zoho CRM Integration Task

Zoho Sign/Writer/CRM Deluge Team decided to change the Zoho Deluge Integration Task “zoho.writer.signDocument()” without warning and it broke automations that I had set up on my own systems and many of my clients’ systems.

Currently, the Zoho Documentation on this Integration Task is still showing the old method:

However, you must now provide the Integration Task with a list of Map() values that contain additional values along with the email address of the recipient.

Below I share how to fix this if you have been affected by this change as well:

Receipients_List = list();
// The above was working fine before Zoho made this (unannounced change)
// Now you need to do the following (copy and paste the yellow code below your old Receipient_List list():

Signer_Data_Map = Map();
Sign_Data_List = list();
Recipient_Number = 0;
for each Signer_Email in Receipients_List
Recipient_Number = Recipient_Number + 1;
Signer_Data_Map.put(“recipient_” + Recipient_Number,Signer_Email);

Receipients_List = Sign_Data_List;

Input_Map = Map();
Sign_Request_Subject = “Please Sign this Document”;
Input_Map.put(“message”,”If you need any assistance, please reply to this email.”);
Send_Sign_Response = zoho.writer.signDocument(Document_ID,”zohosign”,Receipients_List,Document_Name,Input_Map,”ze_writer”);
info Send_Sign_Response;

It is awfully frustrating when Zoho makes a Breaking Change like this, especially when they do not warn people beforehand, however, we must remember that Zoho offers us so much more ability than other systems, that’s why it sucks when these abilities are hampered. However, it would be appreciated if they communicated better before making these changes and if they let their support teams know that these issues would come up!

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