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Greg is an outstanding professional who can certainly assist you in creating an automated system. He has been of immense help to me. I initially sought five quotations for a pre-made solution to establish a budget. However, it’s challenging to articulate all your requirements from the outset. Your vision may differ from the developer’s perspective. My project was intricate, and it wasn’t possible to define all the steps in advance. Collaborating with Greg led to the emergence of new and superior ideas. For instance, I paid considerably less to Greg compared to other companies, yet I surpassed the budget I had initially allocated. I consider this an investment that I anticipate will yield returns in a few months. In my experience, hourly payment is a sound approach because I have observed that Greg works swiftly and meticulously. I wholeheartedly endorse Greg, and I am confident you will not regret engaging his services. I intend to involve him in my future projects without hesitation.

Vlad S (September 2023)

“Gregory’s knowledge and presentation skills made this course easy to understand and enjoyable. I especially like his style of executing code as he builds small sections at a time. Not only does that make debugging easier, it also helps in understanding concepts in deluge. I appreciate you, Gregory, sharing your Zoho knowledge and coding skills.”

Randall (October 2022)

“Greg is awesome. He has been extremely helpful in answering all my Zoho questions. His teaching methods are easy to understand and highly effective. I would be lost without him!”

Shaun (October 2022)

“Great Course! This course was exactly what I was looking for to help automate my CRM. Gregory was quick to respond and help me find an error I had made in my code. Looking forward to seeing what he has to offer in the future.”

Andrew (March 2022)

“Greg is great to work with and is very knowledgeable with Zoho. The automation that he enabled has saved us countless hours of otherwise manual work.”

Patrick (February 2021)

“What I love about working with you, is you understand what I need straight away.”

David (January 2021)

“Greg’s training is second to none! I would be lost without my client portal. It saves us so much time!”

Richard (January 2021)

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